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Can this be early onset dementia, and missed on the CT and MRI?

I am a 35 year old female with recent short term memory loss, apathy, poor concentration. I repeat myself on a constant basis, am very forgetful to the point my husband  and employer has expressed concern.  I have completed a MOCA and "passed with flying colors", completed a MRI and CT scan both of which were normal.  Sometimes I have a hard time "finding words"  Could something have been missed?  
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Gosh, that would seem unlikely at your young age.  Okay, couple of questions.  How is your sleep?  I have had two times in my life, once when I had two young kids (toddler and baby) and I literally was woken up every hour or hour and a half a night. And the other was when I had a job that kept me up until 1 am and then I could fall asleep and had to get up at 5:30 am the next day.  I started doing very strange things . . .  left keys in ignition and drained my battery, started coffee pot with no pot under it, put meat in slow cooker and never turned it on. I was cognitively affected by lack of sleep.  

Anything like that going on with you?

Another thing is hormones and thyroid.  Have you had any blood draws to check these?  A slow or hypothyroid can cause forgetfulness and memory issues.  You'd probably have other things like really long cycles with periods not being regular or being just every 2 to 4 months.

Depression and stress can also cause this.


Read that and see what you think.  You'll get a banner to get their newletter.  Click out of it and then go back in and you won't get the banner.  (tip).

Something else that comes up on when I read about this is nutritional deficiency. Something else to look in.

Give those a read and see if there are any things worth talking about with your doctor.  By the way, do you have kids?
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