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13 years out of hysterectomy and hormones

I am a 44 year old female that had a hysterectomy in 1999 and then had both ovaries removed in 2001. I have had problems with memory, muscle and joint aches since my mid 30's. It has only gotten worse this past year or two.

I had my hormones levels check in 2003 and they were perfectly normal at that time. I didn't understand how it was normal since I had no ovaries. However, my GYN explained to me that when he went to remove my ovaries, that they were so adhered to my pelvic wall and other organs, that he had to leave remanents of my ovaries and those remanents were actually producing hormones. I was like wow, never heard of that before.

Anyway, I decided to have another hormone test done a couple of weeks ago to see if a deficiency in my hormones could be what has been causing all of my symptoms because I have really become irritable this past year and I have always been a free spirit and very patient person, however, that is like a past life now days. I don't sleep well at night due to hot flashes and night sweats.

My FSH was 88.4 and my LM was -31.2. My primary doctor put me on Efforex last week and started me on 150 mg. That was an absolute nightmare!! I was deathy sick for two days after my first dose, so I didn't take anymore. My doctor will not put me on HRT due to family history of heart disease, breast cancer and strokes and I have a mitral prolapse.

I am also having trouble getting my weight off now that I am in my 40's.

What exactly would you recommend? Would a one a day menopause pill help or do I need something like the progesterone cream as well as a menopausal vitamin to help me through all of this? What are your suggestions?

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. :)
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Hey Bev!

Thanks for the response. I guess I have been pretty lucky that the hot flashes and night sweats didn't start getting really bad until here recently. I know what you mean about Alaska! :) Too bad it's so far away from Arkansas. ;)

I have heard of the bioindentical hormone replacements, but I have never tried that route. My oldest sister is on hormone replacements since her hysterectomy, but has considered changing over to the bioidentical hormone replacement. Odd how her doctor has her on hormone replacements, but mine refuses to do so with the family history of breast cancer, heart disease and strokes.

I appreciate you telling me about the Fem Ring. I am going to continue taking this Amberen because it really does seem to be helping me in so many ways right now. However, I will definitely talk to my PCP about the Fem Ring if this Amberen fails to keep working for me. I'm just afraid he would still tell me know with the estrogen hormone in it.  

I am happy to hear that you have found something that is working for you!! :)
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I had to have an emergency hysterectomy at age 40 after giving birth to my last child. Within a week I was having hot flashes and night sweats so bad I was ready to move to Alaska. I tried several bioidentical hormone replacements, but nothing ever did much. About 2 years ago a friend told me about Fem Ring and how much she loves it. I ask my doctor to let me try it and I love it. It's a ring that you insert  and it last 3 mths. No more pills or creams to worry with and all of my symptoms are gone. It has worked wonders for me.
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Wow! Not one response. :( Well, I started on Amberen on 08/02 just to see if it would help. 7 days into it and I can't believe how much better I am already feeling!!! I'm far from feeling 100% again, but the hot flashes and night sweats have stopped and I am sleeping much better at night and I can tell a difference in my moods as well as my boyfriend! Now if it can only help with the muscle and joint pains!! Even if it doesn't, I am totally excited about the relief in the other areas!!! We shall see! :)
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