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Could clear vaginal discharge be normal?

I'm 53, premenopause.  I have a clear vaginal discharge off and on.  Could this be a normal thing for my age?  No itching.  Tried a vaginal cream over-the-counter, no help.  No pain, but it's just annoying.  Sometimes I think there is a slight odor too.
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The best way to know what a discharge is due to is to see your gynecologist and have him or her look at a sample under a microscope and take a culture and see what the cause is due to.

A clear discharge can be normal in and around the menopause and can be due to low estrogen levels. That is called atrophic vaginitis. It can also be due to infection.

You can try an over the counter medication called Replens. It is usually used daily for one week then twice per week to see if this helps. However, seeing your doctor first is the best bet.
Machelle M. Seibel, MD
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