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Hot and Cold flashes

I am a 32 years old  women and getting hot and  on and off cold flashes though out the day is any one able to explain this to me.Last month my menstrual  cyclical went longer than usual. My menstrual cyclical usually only go's for about 4 to 5 days,but last month my menstrual cyclical lasted 10 days.When i have the hot flashes i start sweating pretty badly ,then just as fast as the hot flashes start with in 5 to 10 minuets latter i cold to were i get goose bumps to were i am covering up with a throw blanket.This go's on and off all day long. I'm just pretty much asking does any one have any idea of why my body is doing this?
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Have  you asked your gynecologist about this?  Hot flashes are a symptom as are irregular periods, but, gosh, I think you are very young to enter perimenopause.  Did your mom go through very early menopause?  Have you taken your temp during the hot flashes?  Maybe you are running a low grade fever?  Also, it is pretty typical to cool off after a hot flash so the chills make sense.  Good luck!
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Hello Dear,
I think you hit the peri-menopause. As per your symptoms. Take proper diet food and add lots of vitamins to it. Do regular exercise this all will help you to take relief from menopause. Even you can go for some herbs like Red clover, chaste berry. this will help you to get relief from hot flesh.
Take care and live healthy life.
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