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I have stopped for 12 months and started again 4 times!

At 48 I went 12 months no period, then had 1 day only. This happened 4 more times till my being 53 today.  This morning woke up bleeding.  Could not believe it! I had so many hopes I was done with this! I was so shocked, cried, frustrated, the list is endless my feelings. I will be 54 next month. Has anyone ever done this before?
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Wow!  I got to almost a year twice and then had a period so felt ripped off with THAT!  I'm a couple of years older than you and have now been almost two years. You are CLOSE. When hormones are shifting, it CAN happen. Also, have you had your thyroid checked?
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Hi! Thank you for response. I had thyroid issues about 2 years ago, but pill fixed it. I just do not get how it goes back and forth these many times. I do not even call that 1 day a period. I have no friend that has gone like this like me.
I literally had two years where I thought I was done. I hit 'almost a year' and then would get a period. Out of nowhere. I was around your age. Also, is it spotting or a period? They can be different. Have you had a pap exam any time recently?
I mentioned thyroid issues because long before I started going through menopause, I had a thyroid issue. One of the big things was long times in between periods I had hypothyroidism.
I had hypothyroidism 2 years ago. I think she is only test T2 levels?  Think she needs to test all my thyroid counts! Thank you so much!
Yes, it gets confusing. You are probably dancing with menopause plus that. We had a huge family issue of one of my kids being chronically ill with depression (it was quite serious and engrossed me entirely) and I had an ob/gyn appointment I had gotten behind in getting so looked at my app to see when my last cycle was and it said 541 days. lol. They said I was definitely done when I got to the doctor and told them. Anyway, get all checked out and then go from there.
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