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Increased bleeding 8 days after hysteroscopy and d/c

I had procedure done Nov 16 for post menopausal bleed.  Adder the procedure, there was very little bleeding initially.  I even stopped wearing a pad.  Then I started a little bleed enough.  The last 2 days it has increased significantly.  I've changed my pad about 3 times today.  I was supposed to see a gyn for post op follow-up but my gyn who did the procedure cancelled it.  She didn't want me to see another doctor even though she won't be available until Dec 13 on vacation.  I do have a call into my primary doctor.  I'm just concerned bc I was under the impression the reverse was normal, that the bleed would taper off.  Has anyone had this experience?  Should I be concerned?  
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Hm honestly, I think I'd go ahead and see a different doc.  That's a long time to make you wait.  https://www.healthline.com/health/vaginal-health/bleeding-after-hysterectomy#normal-bleeding  This lists when to be concerned and it mentions if bleeding is like a period or increases over time.  So, I'd go ahead and get seen!
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