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Lining still too thick

I am 50 and still having regular periods.  Recently I had an episode of heavy bleeding so bad the gyno sent me for d and c that day.  All went well, bleeding stopped and pathology came back negative.  One week after d and c had another transvaginal ultrasound and it showed "up to 16mm thickening".  Is this normal one week after d and c?  Also showed various ovarian cysts including complex cyst thought to be hemorrhagic.  
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That seems odd to have thickened that much in a week's time. Some fibroids and polyps can make the lining appear thicker than it is. Was there any mention of fibroids and/or polyps after your D&C? May want to ask about that. Can you take a progestin (such as Provera) to thin out your lining versus undergoing an invasive D&C and risking Asherman's Syndrome?

It's not all that unusual for the lining to thicken during perimenopause but in most cases a woman's body does a good job of thinning it out before anything serious ensues / abnormal cells develop. 1 or 2 days after your period ends is the best time to do an ultrasound to check lining thickness.
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In the ultrasound they didn't find any polyps or fibroids. Dr. put me on Progestine on Feb. 21st and my ultra sound was on Mar. 8th. So that is the timeline for the uterus lining being thick. I just feel like I should wait couple of months to see if supplementing progesterone helps with my cycles. Not a big fan of procedures so soon.
Sorry, please ignore my comment. I don't know how to delete it. I had a similar question and I thought this was my post.
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