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My period is 10 days late

I have bloating/ cramps and but no period. I am 10 days late now. I am concerned about menopause but have no hot flashes.I am 41.
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Some women do start experiencing hormonal changes of perimenopause in their late 30's or early 40's. So it may explain your period being late. Not all women experience hot flashes or other menopausal type symptoms during this time.  
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Hello~It could be the start of "Peri-menopause", I started mine when I was 35, but I did not miss a period until my 50's. I always had hot flashes even when I was not near menopause. I would ask your gyn for some blood work for hormones and also, get some "Bio-identical" progesterone cream, this type of cream is formulated to be exactly like your own body's progesterone, and it has no side effects, it helps many hormonal issues in all ages of women, even teens can use it. You can get it at any good, reputable health food store or there are many resources on-line as well. Also, read the book called "What the doctors won't tell you about Peri-Menopause" by Dr Lee, he was the pioneer in bio-identical hormones and there is a wealth of info in that book. His other book, "What your doctor won't tell you about menopause" is excellent as well. Both can be purchased on-line or in most bookstores, many health food stores sell them as well.
Thank you
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I think it is really early for menopause symptoms. While some women might have symptoms, it is much more likely your period is late for other reasons.  Your doctor can do blood work and tell you.  Other things that can make you late are a slow thyroid. That also would lend itself to bloating.  Again, easy to tell from a blood test.  Another reason for what you may be experiencing is a shift in hormones.  I have a natural tendency to produce too much estrogen and it will make me late. And all the other things that affect women's cycle such as stress, illness, changes in routine, weight gain or loss, etc.  

You've not written anything that would make me assume you are someone that is going into really early menopause.  But the nice thing about it is your blood work will tell you and the mystery is solved.  So, see your doctor and you can find this out.  :>)

Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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