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Need Help: Anyone Has This?

Going to the Gastroenterologist tomorrow, but any info on this would be appreciated:

For the last few months, I have had this pain that is in my lower left quadrant.  It comes on about every 30-40 min.
It lasts about 3-5 min, and I get really hot all over.  So hot that I have to stand in front of the AC\freezer\fan, etc.

Okay, I am 49, and it could be hot flashes, BUT with this pain?  And on this "schedule"?

Doesn't matter what I eat, or what I am doing.  I have not gotten a full nights sleep in months.
I also am very fatigued, and have had an intermitant fever for the last few months.  Blood counts were normal, and tests for Lupus, Lyme & RA came back negative.

I also had "acid pain" in upper abdomin. Primary has me on two Nexium a day.  Acid pain is gone.

When I went to my primary, she wanted me to see a GI specialist before we investigate the gynochlogical aspects.
I will psot this question to the GI forum as well.   I have not had a period in several months (not possibly pregnant), but that could be anything.

Frankly, I am miserable at this point.

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The fact that you've not had a period in several months and the hot flush type of heat is really indicative that you are in perimenopause.  (It's not menopause until you've gone at least a full 12 months without bleeding).  

The pain that you've described is not necessarily due to perimenopause though the hormonal fluctuations and changes can exacerbate GI symptoms greatly.  So, sending you off to a GI specialist is likely a good call on your doc's behalf. :)  

At minimum, if nothing is found with a Gastro exam, I'd say that you might want to request that your doc does at least a transvaginal ultrasound to rule out any cysts on ovaries etc..  

Personally, my guess would be that your doc has listened to your symptoms and is really considering this more of a GI problem than a gyn problem.  However, it sounds to me like you are experiencing both perimenopausal symptoms on top of potential GI upsets.  You may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and the pain could be due to spasms of the colon.  Diet and meds are what controls that.  But, hopefully, someone on the GI forums will answer more fully for you.

In the meantime, treat your hot flush symptoms by dressing in layers, eating well, keeping a fan by your bed and simply trying to reduce stress and cafeine as much as possible.  Keep away from fatty or spicey foods as well.  You may find BOTH the perimenopausal symptoms as well as the GI symptoms easing with these measures....especially, stress reduction.  Take up some Yoga and meditation and walk every day if you can.  All can help reduce stress.  I'm sure that you've got quite a bit of it right now. :)  

Let us know how you make out!  
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wow, sorry to hear about your health issues. I agree with above post, but really feel you need to see a gyn and have that transvag ultrasound and have hormones checked too. You  might have multiple issues right now.... But do go with the GI dr as suggested.
The sleepless nights... I am there with you!! Have you tried melatonin or other natural sleep remedies. None helped me til I had my hormones checked and I was very low in progesterone, high in estrogen.
After bioidentical progesterone was given to me I am slowly starting to sleep better... dr said it take several months to get  hormones levels regulated so I am hoping it will get better and better with time.
  Good luck to you. This is not an easy time  in our lives (I am also 49 and also perimenopausal)... in fact I can not wait for this to pass. I have always been very happy and healthy. This is all new and unknown territory to me. I am  sooooo glad for one thing... we only have to do this one time in our live. My 3 Pregnancies and childbirths were a breeze compared to this....
Good luck , god bless.
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