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Please help

Help me please
I am 35 and had hysterectomy 8 yrs ago with 1 ovary left.
I have bad headaches,tired all the time,moody,hot sweats sometimes,night sweats I thought I just slept hot,don't let me get started on the memory loss at times,very emotional all the time,weight gain, sleeping is a problem usually i would sleep right through but now no way, omg breast are so sore like a burning sensation .... Please help me as I'm not to sure if I could be going into menopause..

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Well, girlfriend, it sounds to me like you ARE heading into menopause. You have many of the symptoms.
35 is a bit young for menopause, but certainly not unheard of or anything to worry about. With one ovary, your supply of eggs for the past 8 years have all come from that one ovary and the supply is no doubt getting low. A visit to your OB/GYN is highly recommended and they can tell, with a simple blood test, where your hormone levels are and if you're indeed entering menopause.
Please don't put off seeing your doctor. What I have told you is only my opinion and NOT a diagnosis. You absolutely need to have any medical problem ruled out first.
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Hi I am going through most of what you are saying now. I have one ovary also due to endometriosis. I feel hot a lot during the am when I wake up. My hubby says I sweat a lot in my sleep. I am now feeling very frustrated with every little thing I do, I have started crying for no reason that I can think of. I am also taking meds for depression/ anxiety. That is another story altogether.I was put on meds when I had painful breast, abdominal pain. Come to find out I had endometriosis. I am not able to get off the meds.I have my yearly visit scheduled in a few weeks. Since the hot flashes have increased, the frustration, crying started yesterday I called my dr, am waiting for a call back. Please do go see your dr. Good luck to you
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Hi oh it's not good Is it,

I have been to the doc and off all medication took a few weeks to feel better my hormones are sitting on the fence wish they would just do something , I also have just had my breast examed and I had a mammogram plus scan found lumps and I am now waiting for results to tell me if I have cancer or not to be honest I'm over it all ..
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I am glad you went to the dr. As for the lumps, have you had any before? Hopefully they are benign. At this time do you know if you are going through menopause?
I called my dr yesterday, she wants to see me today.I am going in to see what she has to say. I have blood work, my yearly at the end of the month. We'll see. I want to feel comfortable but I have heard if I am beginning menopause this is just the beginning We will see. Have a great day, I'll keep you posted..
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