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vaginal discharge

I have a very thick and sticky discharge.  It is so sticky it is like superglue in my panties.  I have to wash them twice and use a stain stick to remove it completely from them.  There is alot of discharge, I have had to start wearing a panty liner.  There is usually alot of discharge.  I have taken three rounds of Vandazole.  This doesn't change a thing.  I guess the color is kinda white or light yellow.  It doesn't really have a smell except when I have had a pad on for a while I can smell it.  My main concern is that there is alot and it is so very sticky.  It pulls hair out when I take my panties off.  What should I do?  Is it menopause?  Hormone imbalance?  I do not take any drugs for this.  Also it is very painful to have sex.
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What toasty said - that's DITTO for me!  I take my daily vitamins.  No drugs though except back in April I had a bladder infection and I was prescribed Ciprofloxacin.  Maybe it's still in my system?  And along with that I'm 55 and I'm still menopausing, 7 years now, GEEZ!  I have no symptoms of infection.  But it does hurt somewhat having sex and not to mention it's embarrassing if that glue is down there prior to sex without my knowledge.  Which makes it very inconvenient:  "Oh, hold on, let me go wipe myself or cut the glue out of my pubic hair before we start!"  How nasty and what a heat in the moment killer!
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I have been having all the same problem, I am 25 and my doctor cannot figure out what it is. I have been treated for yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis and now every test comes back fine but it hasn’t changed anything, the discharge seems to be getting worse over time. This has been a problem for me ever since I had my son 2 years ago..

Ive been desperately scouring the internet for answers.
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Same problem, 2 drs, all negative reports, no answers.  Scouring the internet for answers!!
That definitely sounds hormonal. When our hormones shift, our discharge is affected.  In menopause, less estrogen causes an odor and a change in amount of discharge.  After a baby, big hormonal swings. Have you had your blood work done to determine the levels of each hormone?
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I have been having a daily, glue-like, yellow, odourless discharge for more than a year. There is no pain or itch with it, but it is very uncomfortable as it sticks to my skin and hair. I wear panty pads and they get stuck to my body with the discharge. I mentioned it to the doctor last year and she gave me a blank look as if she had never heard of this sort of discharge before. I haven't been back since. I am 65 and went through the menopause in my early 50s.
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I seem to have the same problem....thick, very sticky, yellowish, sweetish-smelling discharge. I am 51 and menopausal.....am also trying to find an answer...last  GYN appt. normal??? All else seems normal....is this normal??
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You should see a Dr. and you'll probably have some cultures done. Once you find out if it's an infection or whatever you can treat it.
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