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20 Years Old, Erectile Dysfunction?!

So when I was a kid, around 7-8 I fell off my BMX and the handlebar
cut the underside of my penis. It now has since left a dark line going up the length
of it. I have learnt over the years that I have found it hard to "maintain" a rock hard
erection rather it being more of a semi-erect penis even though I'm 100% "turned on"

I was wandering who I would go to to check my penis was working properly.
Because for a man of 20 years old, good health and fitness shouldn't be having ED problems!?
Surely? I have posted another post on heart palpitations I've been having. But this has started more
recently in my life, and my ED issues have been fairly stable throughout my life.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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Thank you very much for your reply!
Yes I have heard that it purely could be mental,
but I am a very good judge of my own body and mind
and have overcome fairly strong stress and anxiety personally
without help, but being pro-active and understanding my mind.

The whole process has enabled me to be a far more robust person.
So, when it comes to the ED issues, I strongly would say it is not mentally
driven, but some sort of issue with the hardware excuse the pun.

I can count the amount of times I have had a FULL lasting hard erection on two hands in my whole life. They have mainly been mid way between Hard and semi, which often is worse than not having one at all!

I kept thinking to myself what it could be, and I remembered about that accident when I was younger and at how bad it actually was.

Could a fairly substantial cut to the penis effect the structure and more importantly the blood flow to the penis? If so, would using Viagra be a wise choice?

Thank You again...
(It's best to ask the majority of questions on the net. This could be fairly embarrasing topic for a man of my age!)
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    Regarding the dark line under side, do not worry, everybody has it, it is the stitch mark made by our body's master designer !!.

Many times our feelings about our physical inadequacies are just created by us and need not be true. However erection issues can develop if you have any blood circulatory problems.If you have heart palpitations, you need to get yourselves evaluated by a cardiologist, it is very important and problems with heart can affect erections. For any doubts regarding genitourinary organs, you need to consult a urologist, but in your case, seeing a cardiologist appears to be more urgent.

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