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About erection

In the last couple of years, I started to loss the ability to reach a full erection, sometimes I do it, sometimes not.
It started to take too much time to get a full erection (20 minutes or more, when it happens). But lately I only reach half the length, even though its enough erect to penetrate, it isnt the same lenght.
Another difference is that without full erection I lost it in seconds whereas with full I take more than 10 minutes and I am not so sensible by the refractory period.

Its only my appreciation? Or it could be a vascular problem? or its normal by the age of 35?
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You are pretty young for erectile dysfunction, however, it happens.  This article hits why this may happen in a younger man. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/316215.php.  It's a good idea to talk to your doctor about it.  One of the main reasons is simply anxiety.  How is your stress level?  Do you have anxiety or depression?  Does this give you performance anxiety?  That can compound itself.  And if you treat the anxiety, this can get better.  But mental blocks and erection definitely happen.

There are a lot of other things too though.  Medications you are taking. That's an easy one to check.  Then things like nerve damage, underlying vascular issues, underlying diabetes, etc.  ALL of this needs to be looked at by your doctor. They can run tests.  

Let me know what you think.
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Thanks so much GuitarRox, the article is very clear and precise.  It bugs me a bit since, I do not use drugs, and  have no medication. I like to drink a bit of beer often, but I dont thinks thats the reason.
Thinking back, there were times that I had several things on the head while having sex. So my first choice is the anxiety. So I must learn to manage better the stress.
Putting these fact aside, my sexual activity isn't continue,  I mean in the same way I can have several encounters in a row by month, there are  6 months without activity.
I don't  masturbate often too.  It would be advisable to use a sexual toy (as some kind of training)?

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I had ED when I was 35, and it was caused by emotional reasons. I am gay and I was dating a guy I was very interested in. It took a while for him to let penetrate him and when he finally said yes I could not get it up.  He never let me do this again and I kept telling him not to reject me bc of one erection problem.  We broke up and I had the problem for two years. I had to take cialis for that time.  Three years ago I stopped the pills and I can function normally.  Stress and anxiety can cause this.
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Hi, Isle39, thanks for sharing your experience. I didn't see how negative can be the stress and anxiety
Sorry to hear you broke up.
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