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Appendage growing out of my urethra?

I had my penis pierced (prince Albert) in July 2017 and about one year ago, after having the piercing for 1.5 years, I noticed a small... "thing", growing out of my urethra. It is kind of cute, when I don't have my ring in it looks like my penis has a small tongue and is sticking it out at you.

I cannot find any info on this anywhere. The closest thing I could find is a Urethral Caruncle, but I can't find any instances of that occurring in men. It seems to exclusively be a vaginal thing. It doesn't hurt and doesn't get in the way of anything. It's just there. I don't necessarily want to get rid of it if it's not dangerous, I'd just like to know what it actually is. Thanks.
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I'd have to wonder if it's scar tissue. The only concern, I'd imagine, is if it starts blocking your urethra if it grows, making it harder or impossible to urinate or ejaculate.

I'd just get it checked out by your doctor to be sure it's not anything dangerous, and make your decisions from there.

Let us know what the doctor says. This is really interesting.
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I.  Well.  I don't think something coming out of your penis that looks like it is sticking its tongue out is going to be classified as cute.  Get that looked at. And snipped off if need be.  Probably is scar tissue.  And it could get worse.
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