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Awkward but could this cause penile trauma?

Random incident but I slipped after getting out of the shower and accidentally jabbed my penis with the sharp side of a hair comb. It left 2 very small and seemingly minor bruises about the size of a pen tip which is probably just because all the force was concentrated in a very small area. Is there any risk of damage when such a fine tip hits the shaft or is it just a broken blood vessel or two? It didn't break the skin or anything and I'm not in pain but always worried about injuries in that area healing wrong and causing peyronie's
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The cause of peyronie's is actually not known. The thought that it's caused by trauma is a theory, not a definite.


If it is from trauma, it's because the tissue heals incorrectly after repeated injury. It's not from one or two minor injuries.

You ask about this often. Have you ever spoken to your doctor about your fears? Only about 6% of men between 40 and 70 have peyronie's. It can happen in younger men, but it's even more rare in younger men. How old are you? You don't have to say exactly, but are you over 40? Close to 40?

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Hello, thank you for responding and for the info. I actually have talked to my doctor as I havr OCD and this is just my current worry so im remembering a few times I had an incident and playing them on repeat in my head. Then I start to have catastrophic thinking. The idea with peyronies scares me because the issue that it could potentially not heal correctly makes me worry about every little injury whereas another part of the body would heal normally. It makes it easier for me to worry about, like the case with this comb poking me would be brushed off and never thought about by many. Hope this helps explain my worry
Also I'm 35 years old
Are you treating the OCD?

So what you're doing is trying to soothe the anxiety by researching and asking questions? That's not really a healthy coping skill for catastrophic thinking. First, the internet is full of misinformation, and you can find equal amounts of things that will scare you half to death as much as soothe you, and the things that scare you just keep you in that cycle.

Treat the OCD. If you don't have a psychiatrist AND a counselor, that should be your next step. If it's not peyronie's, it will be something else.

I say this with compassion and not criticism. Your mental health is every bit as important as your physical health.
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