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Bad reaction to chemicals?


My partner, of 4 years, and I recently engaged in mutual masturbation in the shower 3 days ago. For whatever reason, she decided the best lube to use on me was a mentholated shower gel (god why?...)

Shortly after, I noticed what I assumed was one of my Fordyce spots that became irritated near the head of my penis, on the foreskin (circumsized) was very red; I have them all over my shaft - even some on the top closer to the head. Over the course of the next days it "healed" into a fleshy scaly patch. Along with this, my penis head has been red and constantly has a burning sensation. There is no discharge however my prostate area feels "larger"...?

Many years ago I did contract a yeast infection from a girlfriend at the time. I went through many tests to resolve this, some of which I believe permanently changed the way my penis looked and felt. I.e. sensitivity and color. I was taking antibiotics at the time which left more more susceptible I assumed.

Due to this change in my penis, I do not know if my penis is now extra sensitive to chemicals such as the shower gel, etc. This is the first time since having that yeast infection that I have felt this uncomfortable.

Should i chalk this up to the scenario I have just explained or do you think it could be something more beyond sensitivity?

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Even if your penis did not have the past issues that you've described, menthol in the shower gel would have an effect on that sensitive area that most men would feel to one degree or another.  No doubt you will keep an eye on this situation but, depending upon the strength of the menthol, it is the reason for your present irritation, I my view.    
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Thank you for your reply. I went to the DR and he prescribed me a topical steroidal scream for the head of my penis and Cipro antibiotic to treat the burning. He also said this will help in alleviating the pain in prostate if that was also affected. He did a quick urine dip prior for sending it out for a full analysis and I had red/white blood cells in my urine, but no nitrates?
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