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Hello, okay so here's the story. One day, I came home from work noticing my penis had been feeling "odd" and "irritated" the whole day - being at work there wasn't much I could do there so when I got home I had a look. The symptoms included:

- Red/pinky foreskin
- Slight itchyness
- Swollen pretty bad
- Smelt pretty bad.

I remembered , I had something like this four years ago and so I googled (like I did then) and followed the advice shown which was pretty much to wash with water alone and lay off any form of sexual contact including masterbation (which I suspect may of caused this too).

So , after following that advice for about 10 days, the symptoms had pretty much gone. And the last things (which continue until now are:

- Slightly red looking/pink (hard to tell half the time if its actually normal or not.
- Occasional "odd" feeling of irritation (for lack of a better way to describe it) it feels almost like a burning sensation

I at this stage decided a trip to the doctors is best, which i did and without the doctor looking at me (which was odd) they said you have balanitis... which i kinda knew already so accepted that. They gave me Canasten cream which i have then used as described for 7-10days applying twice a day. On the second day of using this cream, my penis was 100% normal, however... things started to return again, I will admit. After all this time I was very horny from not doing anything sexual and as soon as my penis had returned to what appeared normal again (thinking it was cured) I engaged with some oral sex. Nothing heavy but whether this was the cause I don't know but since then. It's pretty much remained at that exact same state of Slightly red/pinker than normal and odd burning sensation or irritated feeling which is extremely rare, almost once or twice a day for about 5mins. (nothing in comparison to before when I initially had it)

I've continued using the cream and it's now going past the 10th day and yet still the symptoms of redness on the foreskin only are apparent and odd irritated/burning feeling. I have no idea what else to do. I've researched this endlessly and from what I gather, circumcision is NOT something I need but I struggle to find any real medication that I can buy to treat this. This cream helped a lot within the first day or so but now its not really doing much it would seem. This has all spanned over the time frame of maybe 2-3weeks now.

In all fairness, if you looked at my penis you would think it were normal. The symptoms are that minor but I know its there and when you retract the foreskin its just about visible. Please advise on any medications I can try?

Just to give some vital and probably needed information to help you to help me:

- I'm not circumstised
- I'm late 20's
- This is not an STI or anything relating to that nature
- This MAY be related to masterbation/friction
- The cream that I currently use is called Canasten (which apparently treats Candida/Trush which i think is the wrong cream since I dont have Trush as far as I know...)
- I've been washing very well and with great care. I dry after each cleaning by pressing and not rubbing. Once dry I apply that cream
- When urinating I will pull the foreskin back and clean afterwards (Again i will usually apply the cream once cleaned unless its been applied 3 times already that day)
- I get the feeling that the version of balanitis  that I have is a germ/bacteria based one that started out as irritation balanitis. (I think this is)
If there's anything else you need to know please post. Thank you so  much!
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No one can offer any advice? :(
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I hope some one come out with proper suggestion. In naturopathy, there is a water bath called Mehan Snan.(penis water bath). One stretches one's foreskin for ward and pour water for 5 minutes on little stretched part of fore skin. Stretch only some part of the foreskin. If you cannot stretch forward, you can treat perineum. Submerge your perineum in a tub for 5 minutes.You may find Mehan snan through Google.You will find post of MH In Google. I do not know if any more is added to this technique.
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