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Bleeding from glans

Couple of weeks ago I had bleeding from penile glan just near the base of the glan while I was masturbating.not in frenulum but in head.i cleaned few times.saw a dark spot in the base of the glan but now I have stopped cleaning coz I had burning sensation.sometimes when I think ,i had a strange feeling in penis like a burning feeling but it goes instantly.do I need to visit urologist? Or shall I leave few more weeks and see how it goes.
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what happened now?
Still the same.the top half of the head seems ok but there is a smegma build up around base of the head.sometimes the glan hurts and have a burning sensation when I urinate.still I haven't clean the base of the head becoz it's painful to pull the skin back and clean.
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Hi You must keep the Penis Clean Daily , if not you are asking for trouble , regarding masturbating take it a bit easy you only got the One look after it While it work's Please take care
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