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Burning And Pee issues


Exacly 6 months ago Someone gave me oral sex ( a female ) 2 days after I started having the following symptoms:

- Burning on the penis head
- Redness
- Urinating every 20 minutea

I Thought it was an UTI so I started taking OTC meds for UTI.  After 2 weeks symptoms did not improve so I went to Urgent Care and I was giving the following:

- Injection azithromycin UC + ceftriaxone because of possible STD.
- They also took Blood and urine samples.  

Symptoms went away but 4 days after, all symptoms came back.  I called the urgent care and was told the previous tests for STD were NEGATIVE.

They tested me for:

- Herpes 1 and 2
- Chlymedia
- Gono

All negative.  

So I then went to ER and they tested me again for:

- Same STD as before
- More UTI
- CT Scams

All negative again.  
The doctor at the ER said “ you probably have Prostatitis” and he gave me Alfuzosin for 30 day and Bactrim for 45 and to follow up with an urologist.

I followed up with an Urologist At day 45 because symptoms improved but now I had new symptoms:

- Slow Urine Stream that came and go
- Redness at the tip of the penis
- Burning sensation on random parts of the foreskin of the penis head or hood.

The urologist tested me for:

- Camera inside penis
- Ultrasound

All came back good. I have no prostate problems, bladder is good,  ureathra is also good.

I was then tested for Ureaplasma and I came back positive and was given doxy for 14 days.  

2 days after finishing the doxy I started again having:

- Redness on penis head and burning sensation
- Feeling like I needed to pee but nothing would come out
- Slow urine stream that happens randomly

Went back again to Urologist and they asked me to use Terrasil cream for possible yeast infection and to keep taking alfuzosin.  

I am now on day 17 of using Terrasil cream and taking alfuzosin and my symptoms have gotten better and I am feeling 80% recovered but From time to time I still pee slow and or feel urge to pee but nothing comes out but the feelings goes away in like 30 minutes or so.  

I still have 13 days more to go taking alfuzosin and was told to use the cream for a month but I am very much afraid since everytime I stop the meds the symptoms come back :/.

Again this all started AFTER oral sex.  

Anyone have any recommendations? All doctors I have seen refuse to acknowledge my concerns and quickly discard ( without testing ) that I might have some bacteria from the oral sex.

Any advise?

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You have so many symptoms of a prostate infection, or inflammation. I was leaning that way until you said your exam showed it was fine.

Did you get tested for mycoplasma? It's not usually transmitted via oral sex, but maybe you've had other encounters?

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