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Burning after ejaculations

Pain initially began as irritated foreskin. It was chronically sore and hurt. Seemed like it was always raw. From there, I experienced burning when ejaculating and sometimes peeing. This started over a year ago. Urologist took urine test/bacterial culture which was normal. No stds present. We tried tamsulosin which I stopped because I couldn't tell if it was doing anything (took for a couple weeks). He said I could try an oral anti fungal or some sort of antibiotic next if I wanted. Could this be a nerve issue? This has been going on for awhile and I'm getting a little worried. I would really appreciate any help! The pain comes sometimes before ejaculating as well during the buildup stages...pain can last for hours after! I also have premature ejaculation.
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Your doctor checked you for prostatitis, trichomoniasis and chlamydia? You don't say your age, but also BPH?
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(I ask about the BPH because tamsulosin is often prescribed for it.)
chlamydia was tested and negative...i don't believe bph or trichomoniasis were tested...the tamsulosin was to try and loosen bladder neck to try and alleviate symptoms...he did mention prostatitis but didn't seem confident i had it
Well, at least trich is curable. Why don't you look up a reliable list of STDs on something like the Centers for Disease Control's website or Mayo Clinic's or WebMD, and then look at the documentation you got from your doctor, and make sure you were really found to have "no stds present?" Trich can hang around a long time, and it is definitely on the list if you google "pain with ejaculation and urination."  
Basically, the point is that you've definitely got something, and it has inflammation-type symptoms. Your doctor tested for some things but evidently all the possibilities. You need a diagnosis. In your shoes, I'd first try to rule out anything that can be passed sexually that you haven't been tested for yet, starting with trich if it has not been ruled out. Then I'd move on to questions about the prostate.
evidently *not all the possibilities
It doesn't sound like an STD to me, but if you're at risk for them, they definitely need to be ruled out. Make sure gonorrhea and trich were also tested.

It sounds a lot like prostatitis to me. Has anyone done a prostate exam?

You can have chronic bacterial prostatitis, or chronic non-bacterial prostatitis.


There are some diagnostics that haven't been done yet - a digital (finger) prostate exam, a CT scan or ultrasound, cystoscopy and others - https://www.urologyhealth.org/urologic-conditions/prostatitis-(infection-of-the-prostate)

Push for a diagnosis. You don't mention your age - and that's okay - but if you are over 50, it's time for a prostate exam anyway. If you have a family history of prostate cancer, that may be started earlier than 50.

Thank you for the comment! I am 31. But I will push for some further tests. Hopefully not a cystoscopy...!!!!! I believe the treatment would be antibiotics in any case...so the doc is thinking of trying some out.
Let us know how you're doing, and good luck!

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