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Burning sensation with urethritis feeling, 2 days after intercourse

At the beginning of Feb, I had unprotected sex with this girl and about 2 days later I had a burning sensation in my genital region with an inflamed urethra. no soars or ulcers were present.

I did all my tests, it came back negative for STDs (which i thought it was) and I did a urine test and they found blood in my urine and said there were nitrates present. I was prescribed 500mg ciprofloxacin for 10 days with minor relief. I was sent to a urologist who did seem to think I got a prostate infection of some sort even though its rare through sex, and prescribed me 30 days more of cipro. It still does not feel normal down there and it is March 17, the burning subsided but sometimes i feel my urethra like there is something in it or inflamed and it is remaining on my mind constantly and I do believe it could be something else.

Also to note I did noticed a little bump on my penis head a few days after sex that has remained the same shape and size today. Doctors inspected it multiple and told me it was nothing to worry about (said it doesn't look like a wart and I would definitely know if it was herpes). I just find it odd this appeared after the fact.

What may be going on?

Thanks guys

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Did the person you were with perform oral sex on you?

I ask because there are lots of things that can cause infections in the urethra other than the normal STDs we all think of. If your partner had strep throat, for example, you can get the strep bacteria in your urethra.

Did they do a urethral swab or a culture on your urine to see what bacteria grew? If they haven't, that may be what they do next, a few weeks after you've finished the antibiotic.

Cipro is one of the first meds for a urinary tract infection, which blood and nitrites would indicate. It could also mean you have a kidney infection, too.

When you say things don't feel "normal", what does that mean? What kind of symptoms are you having?
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Yes they did perform oral sex. So I went to a sexual health clinic and they did a quick swab of my urethra and all they said was that things like fine? I was confused by this. I may go back and have another one done.

Hmmm, is it possible that a UTI evolved into something more?

Yes so as of today, I feel like the genital burn has gone down dramatically which is good, but now I feel like my urethra is inflamed or irritated. It feels as if there is something stuck in there and sometimes has a sting feel to it. If i feel around down there, i feel the urethral pain more towards my scrotum than the tip on my penis.

It just seems like i have something... but there has not really been any concrete answer from docs on this, which leaves me concerned, especially for future (true) partners.
Did they tell you that day that everything was fine, or did you have to wait a few days for results? Can you call and find out what testing they did? I don't know what the coronavirus situation is near you, but don't go out if you don't need to.

Did they test your urine? Perhaps you just have a UTI?

When you say you feel like something is stuck in your urethra, is that feeling like pee is stuck in there, or something solid or something different?

Urethritis can often feel like that.

There's urethral syndrome that occurs when no bacterial infection can be found - https://www.healthline.com/health/urethritis-chronic

Bacterial -  https://www.healthline.com/health/urethritis

It might also be a kidney stone, a structural issue, or a host of other things. You may need to see a urologist.

Call the clinic first, and find out what testing they did.

I think it was just a urethral swab to check to see if other bacteria was present, I waited a few days, called back and they said there was nothing unusual about my swab. yes we are all quarantined over here and clinics are closed.

I had my urine tested multiple times. Every test indicated there was blood in my urine and positive nitrates and we proceeded with normal UTI treatment (btw I visited a doctor 7 days after initial contact). I was on 10 days of cipro, did not really feel a difference. today is day 36 on cipro and I think I am going to stop taking the rest. Burning has gone down, but urethra feels off. Today marks 6 weeks after having sex with this person.

Yep exactly, feels like there is pee stuck in there or something solid. I visited a urologist already, he looked at my bump scar thing on my penis head and said I shouldn't be concerned about it even tho it really looks weird and only appeared after sex.... Urologist proceeded to think I have prostatitis even though I am highly doubtful this is the case because don't think you can get prostatitis after sex?

Not sure what to exactly do at this point
Forgot to add: I was tested for stds through urine samples 2 times with both being negative. I got tested through blood as well for HIV or Syphilis, those results have yet to come back to me after 2 weeks. I did not test for herpes because they told me i shouldn't unless I have lesions? and what i have described to you that does not sound like a herpes infection correct? I also got a normal general blood test down with not concern for my results according to my doctors office.

Can UTI symptoms persist for this long sometimes?
UTI is bacterial and normally gets better when someone takes antibiotics pretty quickly although they should always take the full course of medication. But for some people, it is a longer process.  Call your doctor back if you still have UTI symptoms.  UTI's are usually diagnosed when they find bacteria in the urine which means it's not "did I really have a uti?", you did. And since you were diagnosed with prostatitis, are you on antibiotics for that?
Yes, I have been taking ciprofloxacin forever. I'm on day 37 of cipro right now, it does seem like things are getting better, the burning feeling has definitely gone down. my urethritis seems to be going down a little bit as well. I have been also taking prostate pills and cranberry pills every day which may be helping?

Could this have been the case that I had extended symptoms of a UTI and ciprofloxacin is a slow  but highly effective antibiotic?
After 37 days of cipro, if it was a UTI, it would be gone. It's not that slow.

What prostate pills are you taking?

No, I agree it isn't herpes.

This sounds like prostatitis to me.
Yeah i agree. Yesterday was my last day of cipro (40 days). I feel much better, no burn or urethritis now. for the mark on my penis head, i was prescribed steroid cream and it seems to really be doing the job with getting rid of the marks.

I am taking "super prostate" with Lycopene and Zinc in it, Webber Naturals company. the  cranberry pills are Jamieson 250mg. I will take those until they run out.

I hope that no bacterial infection will return now that i have stopped cipro after 40 days. to me, it seems like 40 days of cipro should have killed all bad bacteria by now. is it safe to say that this bad bacteria will not return? given that I do not have any sexual activity of any sort... which I won't be.

If this was a bacterial prostate infection, I hope it doesn't return. There are other causes of prostate inflammation that aren't bacteria, and if that's what is happening with you, you could have another flare, but don't worry about that right now.

When everything opens back up, get another urine test done and see how it goes. I hope this has done it for you, though, and you continue to feel well!
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