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Burning thighs and genitals. lower back pain

for the past year i been feeling what some people describe as icy/hot feeling in genitals and inner thighs.
i sit all day at work, and started feeling lower back pain some times numb buttocks and inner thighs. mild pain in penis head and on right and left testicle.
clammy, sticky, sweaty penis and scrotum , genitals burns during the day specially when sitting down and feels better when i stand up, or when i get home and take the boxers off , sometimes i feel itchy but not crazy itchy when genitals feel sweaty.
irritated anus due to constipation doctor said (x ray showed the constipation) started taking miralax and applying a little or vaseline to see if it helps.
i have no rash, sores, ulcer or anything like that. scrotum looks red but painless some times burns like hell but when i move around it goes away. genitals feels hot/warm sometime to the touch.
feeling like burning when i want to pee, but it does not burns when i pee just a little bit after i finish. no uti or bacteria found in urine test.
i had a few painless bumps on scrotum, went to doctor and didn't think it was any type of STD but contact dermatitis so told me change detergent, use cotton boxers which i started using since beginning of last year, and prescribed me Methylprednilsolone for 6 days, and bumps went away.
sexually active, same girl not my gf.
all test for STD was negative.
type specific igg test hsv1/hsv2 negative <0.90 on 09/28/2017
type specific igg test hsv1/hsv2 negative <0.90 on 01/30/2018
3 months apart both negative thru quest diagnostic

went to dermatologist nothing looks contagious she said
urologist said everything looks and feels fine on scrotum.
primary care things is contact dermatitis and dont know the cause of the burning feeling.

so what could this be?
is it nerve related?
should i go to physical therapist?

please advice. dont know what else to do.
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Please anyone?
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Not really sure.  But when you describe icy, hot, numb --  that sounds neurological like a pinched nerve.  I'd research this avenue.  Mentioning to your gp may help.  Does stretching or anything like that help?
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Now that you mention the stretching part, when i do i feel i little bit of tension on lower back and inner thigh. Sometimes i feel like pressure in pubic area. Urethra feels irritated maybe caused by a pinched nerve that is causing me all this symptoms?

Thank you for taking the time to comment  
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That could be two separate things. But I have read that nerve pain can result in issues that you describe also with your urethra.  Since you have ruled out infection ---  you should see either a dermatologist or a neurologist for further evaluation.
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I already went to the dermatologist and she prescribed me  clocortolone pivalate 0.1 Cream to apply it only for 1 week since it thins the skin.
Doesn’t help much, and the stickiness is still there and burns in the whole area, maybe it radiate to the thighs and anus. Idk
Any advice that this could be?
I appreciate it
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