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Can falling asleep in a bathing suit cause irritation/redness?

Last night I fell asleep in my bathing suit and I woke up on my stomach this morning. I went to the bathroom and  as I was urinating I felt some discomfort around my glans. The discomfort is external so I looked at my skin and there Is a slight red color underneath my urethra and a little purple in the middle(this could possibly be a vein) .I took a urine analysis test last week and tested negative for any STDs. Could this be from the swimsuit? I also masturbated a few times prior to bed the night before. I can upload a picture if necessary.
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By the way, I was not swimming. I just wear them around the house sometimes.
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If the swimsuit wasn't wet, it was probably just irritation from the fabric.  If it was wet or you got really sweaty, it could lead to a fungal infection, but there are over-the-counter creams for that.  You'll know if that happens because it will itch a lot.

More likely just irritation, though.  Give it a break for a few days and see if it goes away. (and please do not upload pictures of your genitals here - it's not allowed.)
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Maybe, that irritation and redness due to the harsh fabric. You can apply any skin allergic lotion into it. If you are feeling a severe problem, you must visit a dermalogiost.
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