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Chronic itching on testicles

Testicles always itching and have this crawling sensation.  Used anti-fungal cream and nothing changed. Using apple cider vinegar and seems the itching has increased. Its been  2months plus now. I have been treated of yeast infection before. Using intimate wash, keeping it dry but no change. No discharge, nothing on the penis just itchy testicles. Help!
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Two months is a long time to have itchy testicles.  You are just treating yourself?  Have you seen a doctor.  I know people have avoided going to the doctor, however, that is starting to get better.  They may also guide you over the phone.  Are you sweating a lot?  How's your hygiene these days? No chance you have an std or anything, right?  Fungal infections are common reasons for itching like this.  This gives a whole list of reasons for itchy balls.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/319086#seven-causes-of-itchy-balls  Read through that and see if anything looks familiar and then we'll talk.
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And if you determine this is jock itch, the antifungal should help and I'd keep at it.  A doctor can walk you through that. Here's an article: https://www.healthline.com/health/jock-itch  You also need to be washing and drying the area.  They also make antifungal powders you might try. Don't wear tight underwear, wear breathable fabric.
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thanks for the information. I do sweat a lot especially when I was using the cream. So I have not had any sores or warts, there is nothing visible to the eye generally. However a closer look am seeing very very small rashes between the hair follicles, hard to see but only when you stretch,  and also there is skin flaking.
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What about trying a powder? After this long though, I'd see a doctor.  If you are sweating a lot, that will exacerbate it.  Do what you can to change underwear if you've been sweating.  Cotton is best.  
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