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Chronic penis tip pain

Hello all. Ive had this chronic issue that Im desperate for an answer for.

For over a year I have had this stinging pain on the tip of my penis that comes and goes.
Usually right after I have sex is when it really flares up.(but not all the time. My last flare up was just after peeing) It hurts quite a bit then after a couple weeks the pain slows down but never goes away. Its hard to describe the pain but its like a throbing irritated stingy feeling. After I pee it has a after sting that lingers. The last couple squirts of pee gives this sharp stingy feeling. There's no rash or anything physically on my penis. It just hurts on the tip

Ive been to 2 different urologist. Niether found any issues. The 2nd Urologist did a Cystoscopy and found nothing. They think maybe its the soap Im using but Ive switched to a bunch of different soaps and theres no change. UTI and STI test come back clear.I did a full panel STI and tested positive for Ureaplasma Urealyticum . But was told this was normal for sexual active males. I was persrcibed Doxycline for it anyways after taking them for 10 days the pain remains. Right now Im expiernenting to see if drinking cranberry juice helps as during my last good time period where it felt ok I was drinking a bunch.

Also theres no real pain relief. Ibprofin doesnt kill the pain.

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I would expect them to look into urethritis.  Sounds like a pretty solid match to your symptoms.  Antibiotics would be something I'd want to try.  https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/urethritis-symptoms-causes-treatments#1  While std's can lead to this, it's not the only way.  It can happen from your hygiene and how you wipe after a load.  Really, it happens.  
Urethritis was what they said first. I was presribed Doxycline for it but it did not help.
If they prescribed an antibiotic and it didn't get better, you go back and tell that doctor. They go to the next step.  It may have improved without you becoming fully asymptomatic.  You've ruled out other things and perhaps another antibiotic would cure the situation.
Appriciate your replys very much. So one thing I left off is I was on Doxycline twice. The first time is when they said it was urethistis. The 2nd time was after my STI test came back. Nither time helped. A different antibiotic is an idea I guess. My Primary care doc said he did not recommend repeatedly treating this since that would just breed resistance.
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How's your water intake? Alcohol, caffeine and juice intake?

If your bladder, urethra and prostate are fine, then start looking at other things. Perhaps it's associated with times you are dehydrated or irritate your bladder or urethra with too much alcohol or caffeine and not enough water.
My water intake is good. I drink water and cranberry juice all day. I havnt had alcohol at all in over 6 months. I guess I could try to drink more water. The water/ Cranberry juice has made the flare ups happen less often but it still feels off.

Thanks for the follow up
Try just water instead of juice and see if that helps.

Also, try a non-soap cleanser instead of soap. Here's a list of some really gentle cleansers - https://www.health.com/eczema/best-cleansers-eczema It says it's for eczema, but they're good for anyone. I don't know if it's the soap, but you can try them, and at least tell your doctor you've tried non-soap cleansers if you still have the pain.

The other thing I should have noticed earlier - you said it's after you have sex. Does it happen after you masturbate? If it's only when you have sex, I'd wonder if it's a reaction to condoms, lube or something else you are using before, during or after that you don't do on your own.
I will def give those cleansers a try. Im going 100% water too. We'll see what happens.

I actually stopped having sex with my wife for almost a month to see if there was something with that. Still had flare ups. Strangly enough I dont masturbate so I cant answer that.

Thank you again for your follow ups
Good luck. Let us know how you are.
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