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Circumcision stitches still present after 22 days?

I got circumcised 22 days ago, and I still have most of my stitches in. I wasn't told by St.Marys hospital when they would dissolve. I've being waiting for my GP to get back to me as well. I've seen contradictory things on the internet most saying that they should dissolve after  around 10 days.

I got it done in the UK and don't know what kind of suture was used, I wasn't supposed to go back to them or my GP afterwards so I presume they should fall out by themselves. The stitches themselves also look to still have dried blood or scabs partially covering them, that doesn't wash away no matter how much I've showered and bathed and I don't want to try and pull them in case it causes damage.

Should the stitches have gone by now? And if so what should I do about this thanks in advance.
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Sorry I just realised I posted this in the wrong category.
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22 days is a long time to still have sutures. I would contact your doctor or go back to where your circumcision was done and have them removed. I don't know if you have ever had sutures removed before. It shouldn't be painful. Best of luck to you
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