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Cut on penis from electric razor. Concerning or no big deal?

I cut myself at the base of the penis with an electric razor (the kind you shave your head with). There was only a little blood, I was able to stop the bleeding by lightly compressing some toilet paper on the cut for a couple minutes. it' s a scary place to cut yourself, is there a chance I could have cut a vein or a cut into the internal tissue? Or is the fact that there was only a little bleeding indicative of it just being a cut that is skin deep? Any risk of permanent damage? Its embarrasing to see a doctor for this and maybe not worth it so any help would be appreciated!
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If it only bled for a couple of minutes and stopped, it's fine. You probably didn't do any permanent damage, either.

It is a scary place to cut yourself, but I can promise you that doctors, should you ever need one for your genitals (and you will at some point) have seen it all. You aren't nearly the first one to cut yourself shaving. Men and women have cut themselves trimming with scissors. (This hurts - I know firsthand.)

So you're fine, and no need for worry or embarrassment. :)

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