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I'm having diarrhoea since last 20 days and having normaxin and ornof medicines daily... I'm having a habit of masturbating daily 2 times does this is the reason for having diarrhoea for so long?
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No, it would be two separate things. Talk to your doctor about the diarrhea without worry that he or she will think you are masturbating. It does not cause diarrhea.
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When I don't masturbate that day it stop but when I do than again it starts does masturbating affects stomach anyway?
There's only one situation where it could, which is if you are feeling quite guilty and mentally upset about masturbating.  Anxiety can cause all manner of digestive problems, including diarrhea.  It wouldn't be likely, but it could be possible if you are upsetting yourself a whole lot over it.  I would say, if stopping stops the diarrhea, you should probably stop at least for enough time for your system to get some rest.  
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Masturbation alone should not affect your bowel movements.  I would talk to the doctor about this.  I would guess it is coincidental.  Let us know what the doctor says.
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