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Does Flomax cause leakage and impotence?

I've been taking tamsulosin for 3 or 4 years now after my urologist prescribed it for BPH.  I've slowly started having leakage issues lately where I will have a strong sudden urge to urinate and have a difficult time holding it until I can get to a toilet.  Sometimes some urine leaks out and other times the urge will pass and I can wait before racing to the toilet.

Recently, I've had trouble reaching orgasm with my partner and even experienced an inability to hold an erection for the first time.  These problems seemed to start when the leakage issue started.  I'm starting to suspect tamsulosin but before stopping it and perhaps trying saw palmetto wanted to check.
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Are you taking Flomax for prostate issues? Flomax works by relaxing the muscles in the bladder and prostate, which leads to improved flow of urine and fewer symptoms of BPH. It indeed can have side effects like you describe.  https://www.healthline.com/health/enlarged-prostate/flomax-side-effects#side-effects  It's a relatively low percentage of patients, less than 4% that have these types of side effects but none the less, that could be going on for you.  Before discontinuing the med though, talk to your doctor.  
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And also, this could be a sign that the condition is getting worse.  Saw palmetto isn't going to do much for you by itself.  You might benefit by using a combination of substances, which you can find in a great many formulas available, but be choosy about which ones you use.  Don't buy direct from internet only companies.  Don't buy from multi-level companies.  Pygeum actually has more of what you want than saw palmetto, for example.  But again, a formula would have a better potential for working.  As stated above, talk to your doc before stopping the drug, although, having been on it and another that does the same thing, when it was determined not to be working I was just told to stop taking it.  But as someone who has suffered with this and had surgery for it, flomax does not stop the prostate from continuing to get larger, so again, it's time to go back to your urologist and get an ultrasound.  Peace.
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