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This is bhargav from hyderabad and 29Yrs old.

I am suffering from ED.

Complete blood picture & hormone results are fine. So sugar etc...

Later doctor suggested RIGI-SCAN for 3 nights.
Results are max Tip rigidity is 70%
                  max base rigidity is 60%  average.

He confirmed that there is less rigidity.

And then he suggested "penile Doppler test".
He gave two injections to my pennies and waited for 15 Min.
But no erection happened.

And, when I try PENEGRA 50mg there is no change.
But when i try Penegra Express 50mg, i have observed some improvement in erection.

And doctor tried with “vacuum device”.
With that also my pennies not erected fully.

I have no kids, and i should plan for kids now.

Kindly give me a suggestion and give me life.

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with usual therapy, you may add kundalini yoga, kegel ecercises, tantra yoga, taoist yoga,.visit the following website;
www.anmolmehtayoga.com this is a comprehensive yoga website. It has given treatment for all types of symptoms. search the word kegel exercises. these exercises are suggested by doctors to strengthen the pelvic floor for woman and man as well.
wish you best of luck.Takw treststeron if it below leve.
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Generic Viagra are the best medication for erectile dysfunction.
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