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Iam 17 years old boy. Haven't done sex or gay thing.
* I did use polyfax ointment tube around my ass for my ******* dryness and cuts because of hard stools.

It's been almost 2 months, I played badminton and next day i woke up in the morning felt heaviness in my balls. I went to a physician he checked through and he said I have epididymitis-orchitis. He gave me ciprofloxacin (500mg)and cefspan for 2 weeks. Also Diclofenac for 2 weeks also to wear underwear. I was all back to normal. After 3 or 4 days of course I did heavy lifting which caused the pain back.
I went to a urologist he also checked and couldn't find anything, later he did ultrasound ( testes normal, no hydrocele or varicocele seen)and urine test which came negative. He then said that I have testicle torsion and you need an operation, I don't know how this sums up, he also gave me declofenec for a week and said to come again which I didn't. On same night I went to another urologist, he went through the same process and he said that I have nothing, it's all his brain. Now I went back to my physician and he gave me declofenec again and said you have epididymitis-orchitis which is not seen in Ultrasound, *(therefore i haven't done sex in my life  or anything gay)*.

Now it's been 2 months and I am feeling better, but sometimes I feel pain if I touch my testies from the back top, it sometime happens and sometimes it doesn't.

I really want to know what's the thing happening with me. Any help???????
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This condition has nothing to do with having sex unless of course you get an infection from doing that.  Your condition as diagnosed by your GP is usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection somewhere in your system.  It can be a one time thing or it can be chronic, but as it's usually caused by infection of some kind if you don't find where the infection is and cure it the infection usually will go away but it can stick around.  That's why the antibiotic.  The anti-inflammatory is another way to treat the inflammation but of course doesn't cure anything.  Getting a 2d opinion was smart, but since you have a conflict and are still not confident you can always get a 3d opinion and see if that settles the dispute.  Given your age and lack of sexual activity you would be unlikely to have torsion, but then again, you would also be unlikely to get the other conditions as well and sometimes life isn't lucky for us.  If you're feeling better, I'd just leave it for now and if it stays better don't sweat it.  The drugs docs give us help us but also have side effects and so you're always better off not taking them over and over again.  The antibiotic might have harmed your beneficial organisms that protect your from infection and so you'd benefit by going to the closest and best health food store and buying the best multi-spectrum probiotic found in the refrigerated section of the supplement department.  This will help in preventing the infection from coming back again and becoming chronic.  But you're young and resilient, so if you eat better for now and avoid too much sugar, which attracts bacteria, your body will probably be fine.  Other than this, not much you can do.  Docs don't always agree with one another and as with all humans they are neither infallible nor equal in ability.  Hope you stay better.  Peace.
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Hi! Well, a lot of frustration comes over from the text you wrote. Which is understandable. But quite a bit of information would be needed to make an educated guess. Just for brainstorming purpouses here some more possible theories to consider (in no appatent order):
1) an incomplete torsion of testicles (usually seen in ultrasound, very rarely om both sides)
2) autoinflammatory/ rheumatic illness (your body produces autoantibodies against your own sperm)
3) not enough sex or sexual release. Since testicles produce continuously new sperm every minute (speed largely depends on testosterone level, which can be influenced by anabolics etc.) the epididymis, vas deferens, sperm vesicles can get fuilled to the brim. That can hurt. To counter that, there are two mechanisms, which our bodies use: a) "wet dreams"- during the sleep the sperm is ejaculated; b) the macrophagues destroy the spermatosoids causing local sterile inflammation.
4) side effects of other medication you take?
5) complication of cystic fibrosis/m

If I may, I would suggest you visit a gastroenterologist to normalize your bowel movement first, then maybe the problem with your testicles will solve by itself. Stay safe! ;)
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Just some confusion here -- the bowel problem is almost certainly dietary and can almost certainly be solved by eating more fiber.  Exactly what would a gastroenterologist do that would "normalize" a bowel movement?  You can't take stool softeners forever, and your regular doc can prescribe those.  But again, when someone has hard stools, it's almost always going to be either diet or the combination of diet and lack of exercise, and the last person to see about diet is any form of physician.  And there are a whole lot of people who never get wet dreams, and who don't have sex, and they don't have any pain from it.  You've said this before, and it may be your belief, and I'd say it's mine too, but it's not scientifically accurate to say this as again, a lot of people don't have sex for various reasons and don't have this problem.  Don't think that's a thing, though again, I agree with you on principle, but as I've pointed out before, Taoists for one have for centuries believed the opposite.  Peace.
Glad to hear it was nothing more serious than unhealthy diet in combination with sedentary lifestyle and no need for medical attention! :)
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