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Fathers ankles can swell sometimes?

Hello. My father is 61 and has hypermobility and osteoarthritis. His mobility is really poor and he can't walk very far. His blood pressure is normal and he has no problem breathing.

I've noticed both his ankles are swollen. He said they swell then they can go down again. He also said warm weather can make it worse. He went to see a doctor in Italy when he lived there who didn't seem concerned. My father is putting it down to his trouble walking.

Any ideas?
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I would get your dad to the doctor very soon.  There are lots of reasons for swelling of the ankles.  It could be venous insufficiency. That is another way of saying poor circulation and would make sense with what you describe. But he also could have blood clots, kidney, heart or liver issues, or diabetes.  He really needs to see his doctor soon to understand what might be going on. My personal guess is venous insufficiency but, that is at best, a guess.   https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/swollen-ankles-and-feet#1
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