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Groin and testicle irritation. Varicocele, epididymitis, prostatitis, back problems?

I had a risky sexual encounter in with a unprotected vaginal and oral sex while living in China in July 2018.  In the months to follow I experienced a variety of symptoms most of which i determined to be due to paranoia.  The most notable, relevant and rational symptoms include mild urethral itch and urinary frequency that started a few days after the encounter and lasted for about 9 weeks.  There was no discharge or pain upon urination. There have been no noticeable bumps, sores, or rashes around my genitals aside from the crease between the groin and thy on the left side is slightly more red than the right.  I had a 10 panel std test at 4 weeks covering HSV 1&2, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hep AB&C, HIV 1&2.  All came back negative/nonreactive.  I visited a doctor at 5 weeks he suspected urethritis/UTI and prescribed 10 days of antibiotics i think it was Levofloxacin but i can't remember any longer.  He performed a urine analysis which came back normal. In the following weeks my mild UTI type irritation dissipated, but the other symptoms persisted.  So I visited a travel doctor at 9 weeks I was tested again with another 10 panel std test and added a test for trichomoniasis.  At this time I was also prescribed azithromycin as a precaution.  All test came back negative/non reactive.   At 11 weeks I came down with the flu and had a fever between 100-102 for about 7 or 8 days and the worst headache i have ever had for about 3 of those days. During this time I also experienced an increase in the pain and irritation on the left side of groin area. I also noticed a slight rash on my feet around 14 weeks that lasted only a day or two and have had a lingering redness on my cheeks and nose for months(possibly perpetuated due to frequent cold weather exposure though I did notice it before the cold weather started).  

It is now 8+ months since my initial exposure and all of this has resolved with the exception of regular but intermittent daily leg, hip, butt, lower back and groin pains on the left side and a persistent itch or dull ache at the back side of my left testicle.  I have noticeable lumpiness and frequently have enlarged veins the size of macaroni noodles behind my left testicle. This seems to come and go throughout the day/week.  The pain and irritation seems to focus more around the left testicle as time persists although I have been examining, poking, stretching, and fixating on that testicle which may exacerbate some of these problems. Recently, I have also experienced vertigo which resolved after about a week and have tinnitus in both ears for the last two or three weeks.  

Last month I returned to the doctor to investigate other possible causes such as back problems as I am frequently lifting heavy materials for work.  I had an Xray of the spine that appears normal. He also performed a DRE to inspect prostate and also rule out colon involvement as I have been experiencing some digestive issues for a number of months as well.  Im sort of at a loss as to what this could be. Epididymitis, Prostatitis, Varicocele, STDs?  Im spending too much money trying to figure this out and I feel like I am getting nowhere but the symptoms and irritation show no sign of letting up.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Your risk was not 'super risky'.  Oral sex that long ago is easy to check for std's and had zero/none. What you describe does not in the least sound related to oral sex in July of 2018.  It sounds like perhaps a pinched nerve?  Have you tried stretching?  You can consult a physical therapist as well as I would guess this relieves much of your pain.  Also perhaps look into anxiety which can be a contributing factor.  
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There was both oral and vaginal sex during this encounter.  I know anxiety plays a big roll in this.  And that my tests are good indicator at 9 weeks.  I have suspected that it is possible my enlarged veins produce the itch that I experience behind my testicle and that I then in turn make my experience worse as I can’t help but squeeze around trying to find the source as I am continually paranoid of having epididymitis and some sort of std from the encounter and that the back and hip pain is an unrelated result of back strain.  I am also curious if it is possible to have inguinal hernia symptoms without a physical protrusion.  I am also curious if it is related to epididymitis are there possible std related causes that are not commonly tested for.  This encounter occurred in China perhaps something is more common there than it is here. Are these causes and pathogens globally universal?  Thank you for taking the time to reply. Your input is greatly appreciated.
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