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i have been diagnosed with high bp, high levels of proteins and creatinine levels in my urine ,i have lower back pain can you give me any idea what is my problem
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Your doctor SHOULD be the one to give you "some idea" of what's wrong.  In general, people with high blood pressure are at increased risk for kidney problems, which could be evidenced by an increase in protein and creatinine.  
But as some other conditions may also have these symptoms, you should really be following up with your physician.
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my doctor has said the high bp is caused by the kidney probs, have had ultra sound and kidney biopsy am awaiting result but in meantime reserch is a must as myself and family are all worried.any more diagnoses for my problems would be good.
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i also have lower back probs in kidney area and irritable and sleepy.
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Sorry, your doctor is your best resource.  Sounds like he's working you up for renal disease, so he's on top of it.  Good luck to you.
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thanks who_dis
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what does renal desease entail ?? serious or what
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more tests now a dexamethasone suppression test, what is this for
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