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Help. Balantits or something else?

hi everyone. little backstory. about a month ago I started noticing some irritation/redness around my foreskin with small little micro cuts that were especially sensitive when I would retract my foreksin. i originally had attributed to friction/masturbation. I had done some research and posthitis was consistant with the symptoms. I eased off of the masturbation/sex and symptoms improved. I had even used a anti fungal with relief, however I still noticed that my foreskin retained a mildly reddish. yesterday I had sex and fast forward 24 hrs later I noticed that the head of my penis has several red spots. there not raised and not itchy nor do they burn. is this a case of balantitis / yeast infection ? or something else ?

I have only had 1 vaginal sex partner however I have had several other encounters but no penetration. just mutual masterbation.

If there is a way to attach pictures i can post some
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Hi sounds as you may have been a bit a bit rough with yourself , take a couple of days off it will soon settle down , take care
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Thank you for a reply. By a few days how long should I wait ? It's been 6 days and it's still noticeable.  It seeks to fluctuate in appearance.  At times it's more noticeable than others.  no pain or itching tho.  
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Sorry late getting back to you , it maybe worth seeing your Local Dr from what you have said i thought you been rough with yourself if you can put it down to that it's only time to heal & calm down , but if not better please see your Dr , for peace of mind id'e go , so sorry your in discomfort this long , please keep in touch for a update , take care
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