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Hematoma in Scrotum

Good afternoon, I'm a 30 year old Vegan male in very good physical shape with no prior medical conditions

What happened: Blunt trauma to penis caused when I slipped out during sex and impacted pelvis of my partner.  No popping/cracking noise but instant loss of erection.  A urologist has ruled out penile fracture

When: 5 days ago

Symptoms(0-3 days): Initial discomfort, swollen scrotum(size of softball), minor discoloration(base of penis+mid scrotum), tenderness
Symptoms(3-5 days): Swelling gone down almost entirely,  blood pooled at base of scrotum(3cmx4cm purple spot around base of scrotum), increased tenderness when moving, discoloration fading at base of penis.
Other: There has never been any discomfort urinating or deficating.  I wake up with strong erections every night.  Sneezing causing mild pain in scrotum and so does coughing if I am erect while doing so.

Treatment to date: Applied ice regularly starting within seconds of the injury, daily dosage 1000mg Vit. E, Bed rest-little to no movement 24/7, Ibuprofen every 6-8 hours

Question: What now? Do I continue with 1000iu of Vit. E ? Should I apply heat for 20 minutes 3-4 times a day? If so should I follow it up with an ice pack?  

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It sounds like very bad bruising, and i have to say, i feel your pain.
In my opinion it would be best to stick with the Vit. E and maybe Vit. C for cell regeneration, nothing really you can do except wait it out,  different people treat bruises different ways, i generally just go for the ice so i would suggest that.
Maybe try laying off the ibuprofen a bit now as it is one of those things that can cause harm, if the pain is too much or recurring keep taking it but not for more then another 5 days as if the bruise is still causing pain by then you may want it re-checked out.
As for the pain when you sneeze, that is likely due to the way all muscles in your body tense when you sneeze included those in the groyn area.

Best Of Luck
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No, this is much worse than bad bruising.  From my research it might have been a very mild penile fracture as there was a small hematoma at the base of the penis where it no doubt bent.  The immediate loss of an erection tells me that there was a very quick escape of the blood in the penis and the fact that my scrotum had a large pool of blood in it confirms that as all of the blood escape through a tear of sorts and ended up there.

Vitamin E in large doses increases the bodies need for vitamin K in the coagulating process and large doses over prolonged periods can cause complications with coagulation for those with a Vit. K deficiency.  

I don't mean to sound crass or discourage you from helping people but these are medical forums and the wrong advice can be potentially lethal to the recipient, as a 17 year old male it seems just a little presumptuous to be handing out medical advice, suggested medicines and treatments.  This kind of thing is best left to those who have gone to school and have spent years earning that kind of responsibility :)
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