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Herbal alternatives to chemical ed products dirty but clean

I have suffered from Erectile disfunction for many years and have used all of the chemical products but quite recently i have decided to go down the alternative route. I have found a site that is very good as it sells 100% herbal alternatives and yes, they really do work!! and without the nasty side effects. The drug companies do not like people to know that there are such good herbal impotence products. called   http://www.dirtybutclean.co.uk     does anyone know of any other good alternative ED websites based in the UK. Thank you in advance.

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That herbal stuff doesn't work! If it did it would be fda approved.
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Yeah, well it worked for me, thats all i know and in my opinion the reason it is not fda approved, is because of the big drug companies like phizer etc who produce the nasty chemical products like Viagra, Cialis. Also isn't that like saying the whole of China have got it wrong because the fda will not approve any of their products. I know sites like dirty but clean sell Vigrx Plus and that may contain bioperine so strictly cannot be called herbal, i suppose, but i am sticking with the herbal alternatives, now that i know that they work and without those awful side effects that you can get from Viagra Cialis etc.
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