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How likely would levitra have given me ED

About a month ago the wife and I took a  romantic trip to Mexico.  At the gift shop they sold ED  medication. I purchase one Levitra pill and cut it up into 4. I took one each  consecutive night. I did not need it but just wanted to try it and it work. On the 5th day we came home and I was able to have sexy as normal. The next day I lost my  erection in the middle of sex. After that I could not get a erection. Two days later I went to my family doctor and was told it might be a  reaction to my blood pressure medication. A few days later I started getting week erection but not often. As of today I can get an erection but it is not  rigid.  It is still not like I used to be. I have an appointment with a  urologist in two weeks but it is  weighing in me   Mentally.  I keep being told it is unlikely that the Ed pill would have had a long  term  effect on me, but I keep getting the feel that it damaged me  permanent. Can anyone give me some insight on my problem.
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Like you, I think that it is unlikely that the Mexican ED pill would give you long term erection problems.  However, one does not really know for sure what was in that tablet, since it was non-prescription and not regulated by U.S.A. FDA.  It is best not to experiment with any kind of supplements or drugs even in U.S.A.  I am inclined to think that your situation is caused by a side affect of your blood pressure medication you mentioned or any other health problems or medications that you haven't mentioned.      
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I don’t think I have any other health problems.  This has been going on for a month now, so that is why I am thinking it is not a reaction with my blood pressure medicine.  I did wake up with an erection but it was not painful.  I am hoping I did not sleep through a 4 plus hour erection.  Going see my family doctor again today
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