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How can I eliminate my testicular pain?

Hello. I'm 20, and I've been struggling with testicular pain for a week now.
My left testicle is painful, tender to the touch, and the pain radiates to my left lower abdomen, my left leg, and a couple of times the left side of my penis (where I had a simple tear after a rough session a few months ago that left a painful scar). I've had an ultrasound done today, and nothing is wrong with my kidneys, bladder, and testicles so far. The pain seems to be at its worse during the evening. When I'm distracted enough during the day and when I masturbate, it's gone. Nothing has changed with painkillers. I'm thinking maybe that tear/scar (that looks like a tiny keloid) under the head of my penis is the reason, somehow, but it doesn't hurt unless I touch it.
I'm going crazy. At this point, I just want to find a problem and get the pain to stop. Please help.
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You need to see an MD. Have you ever been to a urologist? Call up and tell them that it's urgent.
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Yes, he told me to get the ultrasound and urine test. I'm getting the urine test results tomorrow. If there's nothing in the urine test, I'm going to a specialist asap.. but I'm paranoid.  All over the internet, similar cases, have not been treated or diagnosed because of clean tests and ultrasounds - and it's worrying me.
Do not worry. Please do test asap. Mainly ct scan. Feom ct scan u can get exactly ideas whats going on
I went to a specialist today after my urine test came clean! He made a physical test and found the source of the pain (honestly idk how but he did find the most painful spot!). He ruled out kidney stones with an ultrasound. He did this exercice where I turn around and cough, then told me it's an epididymitis. He gave me Ciprofloxacin, two 500mg pills every day for 14 days. Pain should go away after 48 hours, but I have to keep up the treatment and go back for a check up after 7 days.
And damn, touching the epididymis was hella painful! I can still feel it :(
Yeah, it will be painful for a bit. I don't know about the 48 hrs part - the pain might linger longer than that if it's epididymitis, though you should see a big improvement in 48-72 hours. I'm really glad you went though - treating it is really important.


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