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How can I properly heal scar on foreskin?

About over a year ago, I received a dry hand job from my ex which resulted in foreskin tears the next day. I didn't think much of them and thought they would go away with ease.

I have tried a lot of things, steroid cream, vitanin e cream, non steroid based anti inflammatory cream, and a new scar oil called "H-scar".

It seems that I have scar tissue on my foreskin that is hard to manage... my sex life has been ruined by it, I can't help but think about it being inflamed and restrictive during sex. Only thing that seems to help visually is refraining from sex and masterbation, until it happens again and then it gets inflamed.

If someone can offer some guidance and how to reduce scar tissue on my foreskin, that would help with my confidence and anxiety a ton. The derm and urologist were not much help saying "this is "normal anatomy and will change with time". Yet I feel like my trust for them has been lowered as their guidance failed me.

I am a sexually active uncercomsized male with a potential keloid scar on my foreskin that re irritates itself with sexual friction and am desperate to get rid of it so I can move on.

Any amazing scar products out there that work? Also a program I can follow for the rd to recovery.

Thanks all in advance, this is extremely important for me, fingers crossed
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There is a castor oil based product called Scar Massage I think by Heritage that many used successfully.  There are also a lot of scar repair products made by natural companies that specialize in treating women post-partum.  I'm not sure how a steroidal cream would help -- they are for inflammation, not healing.  Vitamin E creams don't work because of Vitamin E, as that vitamin oxidizes upon contact with air and wouldn't be of any help.  Aloe vera based creams might be more curative.  But I do have questions about this -- if this was indeed a minor irritation caused by one bout of vigorous manual sex, unless you just keep irritating it by not giving it some time to heal on its own it really should have gone away quite quickly.  In that your docs were right.  Did you try just leaving it alone for a reasonable amount of time?  Is it in a place where a bandage could protect it from further damage so it can heal?  We've all had this sort of thing, including us circumcised folks, and they do always go away.  Sometimes it just takes some time.  Scars, by the way, don't necessarily cause any pain.  It's the sore not healing that would cause the pain.  Again, just wondering.
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Right, okay i may look into that product, right now i am using an oil called "H-Scar" I decided to give it a try after reading some review on it but again who knows if those are even valid.

you are correct, i believe it was initially minor but at the time, my ex and I did not think twice about it and continued from there. now my only beef i had with the derm on the urologist was that they themselves didn't even tell me to stop! they said to continue doing what i am doing and if it gets irritated put some cream on it, so the advise i was given i would consider to be incorrect.

I am currently leaving the area alone as much as possible but do not know how much time i need before it returns to almost normal. I would like to know if this will eventually go away for me too? its been about a year an 4 months now.
Anything that hurts for longer than a couple of weeks is a doctor's province.  What you describe is a scar, but scars on skin don't cause pain.  They are leftovers of an injury.  Internally scar tissue can cause problems, but on the outside it's usually a cosmetic problem.  If it hurts, it's something still wrong, not something that in healing the body left a scar behind.  I'm going on the theory you really irritated a sensitive part of the body and kept irritating it over and over rather than letting it heal.  That's not a scar.  That's an active sore.  But something that lasts over a year and still hurts is, again, a doctor's province.
I forgot to add. it does not hurt at all in any way. it is a scar but i feel like it is a scar easily irritated with erections or anything with a bit of friction... hence sex is almost a right off since i can't seem to shake it. but yes it is indeed painless. they were initially fissure tears along time ago but then a scar formed. seems like the raised portion of the scar is taking the most friction when it comes to sex.
You're still leaving me very confused.  Do you have a current medical problem, or an anxiety problem?  Meaning, are you just afraid something bad will happen of is something bad actually happening?  Again, scars on external skin are markers of prior injury.  They are cosmetic, so we like to get rid of them because they look bad to us, not because they hurt.  If it hurts, it isn't an external scar, it's a current sore or irritation.  The scar is nature's way of covering up and protecting a damaged area, but like much of what our body does to protect us it doesn't actually need to be there.  When it's inside the body, from surgery, it can impede bodily functions and cause pain, but on the outside of the body it just doesn't look very good.  If it hurts you when you have sex, that's a current active problem, not the remnants of a prior problem, and with a current problem, it's not scar healing things y0u need but something to fix whatever it is that's causing you pain.  If it's painless, and you're avoiding sex because of it, that's an anxiety problem you need to overcome mentally.  The whole area takes friction during sex, that's the point -- if there was no friction there would be no feeling and without feeling there would be no orgasm and thus no procreation.  It's all biology, even though it does feel good.  So again, you can't irritate an external scar, you can only irritate a current sore or irritation.  If you do have a current problem, you need to see a doctor to diagnose it and figure out why it isn't going away.  If it's painless and doesn't hurt in any way but just looks bad, and you're still avoiding having sex because of that, you have a mental issue you need to deal with by letting this go and moving on.  Peace.
I do not find it to be much of a mental issue but more of a nuisance because the more sex i have, the more the area will get irritated hence the skin will break open again etc. this has happened based on observation and has nothing to do with a soar or pain of any sort. it is the notion i need to limit my sex encounters now because with repeated actions, the "scar" seems to weaken or eventually try and form tears once again, making the healing process more difficult. what i am trying to do is not have this problem but trying out different ways to minimize it an extreme amount so that is is not causing issues for me in the future.

Yes i had it inspected by doctors, all have confirmed they are not soars. yes the dermatologist looked at it and said they were fissure tears caused by that friction that one time.
So I did a quick Google search, not a great way to learn stuff, but I was curious about this as I never experienced it.  I did find an article that said it takes about 2 months for fissures to heal but in that time you have to avoid masturbation and any sexual stimulation that irritates it.  Doesn't sound like much fun to me, but maybe that's the only way out.  Scar creams only, and this is when they work, make scars less visible.  They don't heal the injury that caused the scar.  It keeps getting irritated because, obviously, it never completely healed.  So you need to focus on getting it completely healed and forget about the scar, that's irrelevant, and maybe the only way to do that is a prolonged period of abstinence, which I know isn't fun.  I had to do that when I had prostate surgery, and I wish they had left me in that place longer because they let me get back to it too soon and it's never worked consistently since then.  Best of luck to you.
Thank you fo the advice! i will most definitely try to abstain from those things for a long period of time in hopes of properly healing the area. yes sometimes i guess short term losses are essential for long term gain and this is what we both needed.

Lastly  i know you mentioned to me that castor oil has some good success stories behind its use. do you potentially know of a good product that includes this (product name).

Currently i have H-scar, which is an essential oil.. not sure if it works or not and also Moderma scar cream, which says to use for 2-3months for old scars.

I did, see above.  But I can't name more than that one off the top of my head anymore.  As I say, that one is castor oil based but there are many herbal companies that cater to women who sell products to heal the scars from pregnancy.  These will possibly work on any scar -- no guarantees on anything.  I'm much less familiar with pharmaceutical products, as my experience was managing health food stores a few years ago and I am suspect of the toxic substances found in every pharmaceutical product which would lead me to be wary if it wasn't necessary for my health, and getting rid of scars isn't.  Peace.
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