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How significant is pressure induced pain after a vasectomy?

Urology, I was looking into a vasectomy (aged 41 w 2kids)
None of the short term side effect worried me... it was the longer term effect either epididymis pain/infection or ‘pressure induced pain’ that really got my attention.
I read the symptoms and realised I already suffer from this. Basically I have had intermittent testicular ache and tender top& back side of  Testicals since I was 15/16. I thought this was normal and usually goes away after sex or masturbation within minutes to a hour. I would be running into all sorts of discomfort by 3 weeks without ‘release’
I know 2 ppl who have had vasectomies (5years and 17years back) both complain of ‘pressure’ in that area, 1 regrets having the procedure and resents not being told about it beforehand. Both suffer ‘flare ups 2 - 5 times a year.
Since I have not had a vasectomy what could my problem be? Would a Vas make it worst?
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With pain, we can psychologically induce it. Worry about it, you'll start to feel it. The mind is a crazy thing.  You've had pressure on and off since your teens. A good question for your doctor is if you'd expect this to remain the same or increase with the procedure and what the percentage rate they see in their practice for it.  The statistics I read are only 1 to 2 percent of the large number of men that have a Vas. get this type of pain.  It's very rare. Since you have had it on and off and many men do, kind of normal, really it would then be safe to say you will have it on and off after a vasectomy unrelated to the procedure, right?  Personally, I wouldn't let this scare you off of something that will probably make your wife pretty happy if she doesn't want anymore kids.  But there is risk in every single thing we do.  This is pretty low risk though and I wouldn't worry about it.
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Thanks for the reply, the 1-2% you quote is for PVP for which the patient opts further surgery.
The incident of pressure induced pain effecting daily activity on occasions is around 14%  These patients balance the risks of further surgery and choose not.
Both groups are in the same boat really. That puts the ‘risk’ at 1 in 6, Russian roulette odds!
I found 23% of non vasectomiesd suffer from this in a couple of studies.
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