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How to control my lust?

i am a 19 year young boy  and i cant control my lust and desire for sex so that i cant concentrate on my studies
and it pains me a lot sometimes and sometimes dontcare.i dont masturbate and sometimes manytimes a day
when i am not studying.so actually studying keeps me away from all these sex desire thoughts.
i like to confess my sins but never had sex with her and my culture is strict.
i do play with my cousin 20 year and touch her in inappropriate places and she too enjoyed it and now also continuing but less and i enjoy that sometimes and
Before that [when i m 17]i used to touch(not sex) my another cousin [25 year] when she was sleeping and she probably enjoyed it.initially she used to not to allow me but when i began to win more prizes in academics and she's probably attracted by me and she began to allow me to touch her(not sex) during sleeping and my bother dont bother sleeping with her caz of big age difference and their trust in me but never had sex with her and my culture is strict and now[25] she is married now so i discontinued it with her and now i feel guilty to speak to her(25) on many occasions but she speaks to me normally.

i want to be a good boy and could you see the consequences of not controlling one's sex desire and lust.
please give me some effective methods(councelling).
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Hi SumanYour first problem lust, its something thats in our brains most of the time, unless you are moving your thoughts to action, then if not there just thoughts, but for you, lustful ones.

As for your cousin,s it seems one has put it out of her mind and wants to carry on knowing you as you are and not the lusting young man you once were, and for the other one I think the same, if your culture thats strict, then they have done the right thing, and just forgot about what has happened in the past.

As for you, and masturbating, just try and keep it to a low key, as over masturbating can bring on ED, give you memory problems, and then there a long list of others problems, and your other lust problems are all in the mind, so if study controls your urges, then keep studying, use your lust for times when you need to relax, you need to find yourself a women who can take control of your lust, this would be good for you and a lot better than masturbating, then sex always is.
Hope this helps you.
Good Luck
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You shouldn't touch your cousins or other young relatives at all. That is wrong. You would be not wrong to touch yourself though. Masturbation is normal, and most people do it. What happened in the past you can't change with your cousins, just don't do it anymore. You can be forgiven. Masturbate when you have desires, it doesn't hurt anyone and don't feel guilty.
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i will respect them and i will become a role model to everyone in my society and in being self-control.hereafter ma.
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thanks and i will follow your advice...
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