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I am get breathlessness after masturbation

I am 22 years male.i masturbation like ever alternative day , it been 5 years still now . I masturbate on regular basis and never faced an breathlessness issue in my body but now a days i am . Like if i masturbate and have an ejaculation,  after few minutes my lungs get heavy and it's difficult to breathe i have to suck the air thought my mouth so hard that my lungs pain & this breathlessness becomes more worse in night , i could not even lie down on my bed due to this breathing issues as it feels like i suck all the air but that's neither enough . I noticed this breathlessness problem is caused due to masturbation only like if i stop it for few days i become normal so masturbate again and faced the same issue .
So please can someone explain me what's happening with my body , like it's an allergic reaction or what?, i just want to know what's wrong with my body & is it safe? Or it is a big issue.
Please do help me!!!
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It's fairly normal to feel breathless after an orgasm.

Do you feel shortness of breath at any other time - after any other kind of exertion, like walking, running, any kind of exercise or physical activity?

Do you feel panic? Anxiety? Feeling short of breath can cause anxiety, for sure, so do you think maybe you started to panic and that made it worse?

What happens if you masturbate standing up, like in the shower? Or at a different time of day?

If this starts to happen, try calming yourself by focusing on other things. There's a method called the 5-4-3-2-1 method -

5 - Name 5 things you can see

4 - Name 4 things you can feel

3 - Name 3 things you can hear

2 - Name 2 things you can smell

1 - Name 1 thing you can taste

Of course, if this isn't working, and you are still having a very hard time breathing, call your local emergency number. This is a method that can help you calm yourself during anxiety, and I only suggest it in case you are getting anxious over heavy breathing.

If you are experiencing shortness of breath at any other time, definitely see your doctor to make sure everything is okay.
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