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I have a weird crease line on my chest, is this fixable???

I've had this problem for a pretty long time I think, but didn't think much of it. Below my nipples on my chest, there is a crease line that is dark and looks like a crease. I do slouch a lot but I am trying to fix it.
My doctor says this is a slouch line and is permanent if a crease has been created. Is this true? If I stop slouching will this go away?? I hate this line

Picture of slouch:

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Hey Jonah.  So you talked to your doctor about it?  I had someone tell me one time when looking at me that I'd have a wrinkle on my face permanently if I kept squinting my eyes.  I always squint my eyes so it never stopped. Guess what, I do have a wrinkle right there in the crease that is now permanent.  So, there is validity to that.  

I'm a recovered sloucher.  lol.  I had to start standing tall because I found I was getting picked on by rolling forward with shoulders and back.  I guess it is a whole body language thing.  My mom would always say 'stand tall and proud' and I was like "well, I'm not that proud". But as I got older, I got more confident and stronger mentally and I wanted to show it to people.  I got myself out of the habit of slumping.  It takes mindfulness.  Being aware and consciously reminding myself to straighten my back, roll my shoulders back and lift my head.  I also like to stretch and it helped get me up tall.  Take a tall and put your arms behind you and pull the tall and it will open up your chest.  Oh, speaking of this, I started to do some push ups and lift some weights and this all aided in my muscles supporting my posture.  

good luck man
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