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I have half moon shaped rash on both sides of my face.

Oral steroids' did not help. I have had it for 3 weeks.
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Facial rashes can come from something harmless or from something more serious. Did you get oral steroids from a doctor, who saw you and looked at the rash? Did he rule out possibilities like lupus? You need a clear diagnosis of what it is, that is, other than just someone saying it's a rash.
I got them from a Doctor. It was all most gone the came back. He gave me the 2nd does. Same thing it came back. Went back today and two doctors looked at it. Got a blood test and a picture was taken so they could share with a dermatologist. They could not figure it out.
So, they think it is limited to the skin and isn't the result of something going on with another bodily system?
Did they ask you any questions that might indicate they're looking at a rash from contact with some substance?
They really don't know. I have never had any type of skin problems  
There is a disease called Fifths Disease that is characterized by the person looking like they have a slapped face, but that should have other symptoms you haven't mentioned. It isn't a skin problem per se, but a presumably a dermatologist should recognize it because it commonly has that symptom. There is also something called "contact dermatitis," where people get a rash from something they are in contact with. (For example, posts in earrings made of certain metals, such as nickel, can give a person's skin a rash. So can certain soaps and lotions.) And as I mentioned, lupus is worth investigating. It really is on your doctors to do this diagnosis and figure out what's wrong.
Not to pick at this, but half-moon shaped rashes on both sides of the face could come from having a reaction to your pillow, especially if you sleep on your stomach. Have you been putting your face on anything new when you sleep that you haven't ever used before?
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