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I have small red rash on my penis head

It’s smooth it seems to go away and comeback. There’s zero discomfort. Should I be concerned?
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Well, the good news is you don't have any other issues like discomfort, pain or itching.  It could be  inflammation of sebaceous glands induced by friction.  Any chance you can ask your doctor about it?   Another possibility is a fungal infection.  
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Thanks for the response! It’s been about three years since I first noticed.it usually goes away but comes back with heavy use. Lately though it hasn’t gone away which is why I bought the question up. Based on my very limited knowledge I was thinking it could be either the sebaceous glands or Ballantis: I know I should probably get a professionals opinion I guess I’m just trying to avoid it if it’s not a big deal.
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I'd say it is inflammation of sebaceous glands induced by friction if you say it really seems to come about due to heavy use.  If it's not causing you pain or itching, I'd think it's not a big deal.  Do you do for an annual doctor's check up?  That might be a time to check it out.  However, then the spots might not be there so maybe better to try to get seen when they are there. I would not be overly worried but am sure you'd like to know definitively what is going on.  
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