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I really need help

Hi I have been under a whole lot of stress for most part of this year. I had two car accidents and lost my insurance and I've been doing very poorly in university this year and I've been studying very hard but I just haven't been able to focus because of the car crashes and the guilt it's put on me. Last week I felt something in my brain snap. Like it felt I was being stretched this entire year mentally and I've becoming forgetful and absent minded a lot but last week I went through a very stressful call with my girlfriend and I felt something in my brain snap. Like I just felt extremely light headed and it felt like something was being pulled and snapped like a rubber band. Now I don't know what it couldve been, but since then I feel almost doomed. I feel helpless and I feel lifeless almost like I'm living in a dream that I have no control over and I feel something bad will happen very soon. It's very real sensation and I'm terrified. I'm 25 and still have two years of school left but I can't even focus on my weeks work of studying or my part time job. I just can focus. Am I depressed? What the hell is going on? What should I do? Has anybody gone through this? I really feel trapped
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Hi Ritz, Only one word comes to mind stress, but not just ordinary stress but big time stress, some kind of councselling may be your way out, a bit like spilling your guts out to them and see what they can give you back as help, do you think its help your looking for, real help.
Good Luck
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In my opinion it is correct.You have to remove  all your tension.Please do not think  more.
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