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I use Trimix for erection

I had prostate removed because of cancer in 20-2. After a few months I was able to get an erection and have intercourse with Trimix. In 2017 I had HA and wife started wanting to back off. We hadn’t had intercourse for 2 years and finally in last few months we have tried. The stronger dose gets my penis full but not erect enough for intercourse. When I lie down I lose erection, what is wrong?
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Truthfully, I think you need to see your doctor. With complicating factors of your prostate removal post cancer, and long time waiting period of sex with your wife. It's more complex than your normal situation. https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/prostate-cancer/erectile-dysfunction-after-prostate-cancer  The medication is not working for you but there are others to try. There is a psychological component to consider as well. Can you be seen by your doctor to sort this out?
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Thanks. I do see a Urologist and I talk to the compound pharmacist. He strengtheneditbut still same. Plays with emotions
Yes, I'm sure it does. Do you think your emotions also may be impacting this?  Therapists CAN help and don't be embarrassed. It's not that uncommon.
Oh,yeah!!! It tripled in size and almost full erection and I lie down and foreplay is good and erection is gone. Tried using rings for holding the blood, actually worse. I thought I would ask dr about prescription for Viagra or Cialis to use in conjunction with Trimix. I don’t know if stronger than the triple strength Trimix would help. Just frustration. Hard enough to work wife into making nonentity then it is like a melting popsicles. Once it goes down it never gets close to initial fullness. Never hard enough
I get it. After a long pause in intimacy to then have issues is hard. I would most certainly talk to a doctor for suggestions to work on this and they SHOULD be able to help you. Let e know how it works out.
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