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I’m 34 years old and have some severe sexual problems!

I have a very low sex drive, so low it’s basically none existent. I never want sex but when I do occasionally attempt to have sex i cannot orgasm. I have even recently attempted to masturbate and see if that would work and after trying for a long period of time like an hour or so I finally felt like I had an orgasm but nothing came out. This problem has gradually been getting worse for over a year now and it’s so bad now it’s starting to become an issue with my marriage. Any help on figuring out what could be causing this and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated
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Have you gone to see your doctor?

I think getting a good standard physical and blood work, and include those I have listed above and any other your Dr. would recommend.  I think that would be a good place to start.

There are more and more men that are young like yourself who are getting Low testosterone.  So don't let the Dr. talk you out of getting your testosterone checked.  If nothing else it would be great to have your level checked when young to get a baseline if nothing else.  I wish I had tested my Testosterone when I was in my 30's.

I would think that a mid-30's man would have a total Testosterone of about 600 or so.  But every person is different and some men feel fine with total T in the upper 300's to 400.  Others need to be much higher in the range.

When you say, starting to have issues in your marriage, what do you mean?  How is the marriage otherwise, stress, job stress, depression?

Low Testosterone and low thyroid can cause fatigue and depression and both can kill sex drive.  

your symptoms are pretty general so it really could be anything.
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Thank you for the help! I have been to the doctor a while back and tried some meds but it hasn’t seemed to help and has actually gotten worse. What I mean by the mariage is suffering is she feels like it might be her. That I’m not attracted to her or that I might be cheating which isn’t the case at all
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Get your testosterone checkes!

Need at least the following:

Total testosterone
Free testosterone

May want to get thyroid checked. To include

Free T4
Free T3

What other symptoms do you have?  Fatigue, weight gain? Brain fog?
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I have spells where I get very dizzy and start sweating a lot, get very shaky. And I have constant headaches
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