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Impotence Issue

I'm a 24 year old male. I pride myself on being in good cardiovascular health as a right now. Prior to becoming an endurance athlete, eating a diet low in saturated fat with ample fruits and vegetables, I did hypertrophy, bodybuilding type training. I started having really bad anxiety and getting panic attacks while lifting weights so i stopped that all together. I then began having anxiety more frequent outside of the weight room. It has recently began to subside. Furthermore, I don't wake up with erections; I've been concerned with that because I heard it could be a sign of ED. I don't smoke, I rarely drink alcohol, I used to take caffeinated, stimulant type beverages before I worked out in the gym, but I cut those out all together. I don't take any medication. I drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day. I do watch porn consistently, and masterbate about 5-6 times per week (I'm cutting this out hoping it will be fix the problem.) As of lately I've been losing my erections during certain positions in sexual intercourse, and haven't been able to achieve a strong erection all together. I don't have a history of ED, nor do i have a long term case of impotence. It seems to be a problem as of recent I was hoping it was purely psychological, and if so what steps can I take in the immediate future to help myself get back to normal strength. Thanks for your time.
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This is performance anxiety erectile dysfunction. Take intercourse off the menu for a few weeks. See that her needs are being met but let her initiate all the moves. You just lie there passively and do nothing. No performance, no anxiety.
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Thank you!
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